Okito, a Bichon Frise dog from Cooperstown NY, has just released his book of dog philosophy.
    Fredo, dog-famous interviewer interviewed Okito recently.

    What made you want to write this book, Okito?
    Ever since I was a puppy, I have found strange and unusual things in the world. I thought that
    maybe otherdogs wonder about some of the same things.

    Where did you get your name, Okito?
    Well, you know the humans give us names because they can’t pronounce our real ones. They
    should onlyknow what we call them!
    (Both laugh (arf, arf..)

    How often do you get your hair brushed out Okito?
    I suffer through it daily. No way would I let them do my paws without resistance.

    Did you consult with any other dogs while writing this book?
    A little bit. Frankly, I’m an only dog at home. When I do run into other dogs on the street or at the
    dog park, I spend my time sniffing in order to get the most important information in dogworld.

    What do you think about the chimp-dog movement?
    I think the decision to partner with humans instead of chimps was a good move by our species
    Chimps maybe better at grooming but they have a hard life. So many of them end up working for
    pharmaceutical companies or circuses. What kind of work is that? My human mom is a social
    worker and I get to go work with her and help her out. Personally, I am better suited to human

    I agree Okito, plus human cuisine is far superior to chimp food!
    You bet, when is the last time a dog ate a banana? So hard to peel!

    Do you think you will write other books after this one?
    I think my real calling is involved in dog treats. I’d like to dedicate myself to helping dogs figure
    out how to get more treats. MANY MORE.

    Right on Okito, I can speak for all dogs here, you have our full support.
    Thanks, Fredo, I’ll need it. Humans really are so stingy with the treats. I’d skip meals completely
    if I could get more treats.

    I love those chewy ones. Do you?
    I dream about those Fredo.

    Okito, what do you think of that Cesar guy on human TV?
    He’s a trip! Not quite a human but not quite a dog. I wonder what he smells like.  That’s the
    problem with human TV, it all smells the same so you don’t get the details.

    What do you think of the leash, Okito?
    It works for me Fredo. This way I don’t lose track of my humans and get to take them where I
    want to go.

    This is a personal question, Okito, you don’t have to answer, but here goes: Did you get the

    You know, neutering.
    Are you kidding me? I thought I was born this way! I can’t believe my parents would allow that.
Interview with the author of
    “The World and the Mysteries, A Dog asks Why?”