The World and the Mysteries
A Dog Asks Why?
by Okito
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Okito, a small fluffy Bichon Frise dog, is trying to figure out the mysteries he encounters in
life. His quest to find answers is documented in color photos taken throughout his days.
Every season of the year creates new mysteries to solve

Okito is trying to figure out the mysteries of nature and wildlife as well as the mysterious
ways of humans. The answers he does find just create more questions. He eventually
figures out how to live with the unanswered questions of existence.

His book shows us that dogs have issues which in many ways reflect the same questions
that humans struggle with. Okito also tells us why dogs have chosen humans to partner
with. This light-hearted but serious book is for children of all ages and people who share
their life journey with dogs as companions.
Over 60 high resolution color photos of this adorable dog expressing his questions about
his universe.

A must for every dog-lovers library.
Hard cover 8 ½” x 11”
Copyright 2017
Made in USA
28 pages
$17.99 plus shipping
ISBN: 978-0-9764790-8-6
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The World and the Mysteries,
A Dog Asks Why?
$17.99 plus shipping