Reviews for
The World and the Mysteries
    Hi, my name is Tucker and I just read Okito’s book
    in hardcover. The photos are incredible! That Okito
    is one brilliant dude. I could swear he was reading
    my mind and the minds of other deep thinking
    dogs. Any humans who love dogs are gonna love
    this book. It’s good for the small humans and the
    big humans. You can find it on
    FelIow dogs!
    I am Riley. I am the boss dog at my house. All
    humans yield to my wishes. Yesterday I read Okito’s
    book and man, it is awesome. Finally there is a real
    dog telling it like it is. Okito is asking the questions
    that all dogs want answers to. There is even one
    photo of me in the book from when I was a puppy.
    Finally, you can get your humans to buy it from Power to the Puppies!
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A Dog Asks Why?
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